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Local Pasta in Istria

Local pasta varieties from Istria

A culinary journey
Istria, the picturesque peninsula on the Adriatic, known for its picturesque coastal towns and rich cultural heritage, is also a paradise for gourmets. Istrian cuisine, strongly influenced by Italian and Croatian traditions, offers an impressive variety of dishes. Particularly noteworthy are the unique pasta varieties that are native to this region and make the hearts of pasta lovers beat faster.

1. Fuži

Fuži are probably the best-known pasta from Istria. This traditional pasta has a characteristic shape reminiscent of small, rolled tubes. Fuži are made from a simple dough of wheat flour, water, eggs and salt. After rolling out the dough, small squares are cut out and rolled diagonally to create the typical shape.

Traditional preparation: Fuži are often served with goulash or game ragout, as the robust consistency of the noodles goes perfectly with rich sauces. A particularly popular combination is fuži with truffle sauce, a real highlight of Istrian cuisine.

2. Pljukanci

Pljukanci are another traditional type of pasta that is widespread in Istria. These hand-rolled noodles resemble gnocchi, but are more elongated and narrower. The dough typically consists of wheat flour, water and a little salt, without eggs.

Preparation and serving suggestions: Pljukanci are often cooked in salty water and then served with a variety of sauces, from savoury meat ragouts to light vegetable and fish sauces. Pljukanci with asparagus or in a tomato and seafood sauce are particularly popular.

3. Pasutice

Pasutice is a simple but versatile pasta that differs from other types of pasta in its shape. They are cut from a thinly rolled sheet of dough and often have the shape of rectangles or diamonds. This pasta is particularly popular in rural Istrian cuisine.

Typical dishes: Pasutice are often used in soups or combined with meat or vegetable sauces. They are ideal for dishes where the pasta needs to absorb the sauce well, such as rustic stews.

4. Makaruni

Makaruni, not to be confused with Italian macaroni, is a thick, tubular pasta that has a long tradition in Istria. The dough for makaruni often contains more eggs than other types of pasta, which gives them a richer texture and fuller flavour.

Culinary use: Makaruni are often served with strong meat sauces or used in casseroles. A popular preparation is Makaruni baked with a savoury tomato sauce and local Istrian cheese.

5. Lasagne Istriana

The Istrian version of lasagne differs from the classic Italian version through the use of regional ingredients and special preparation methods. The dough for lasagne Istriana is often rolled out thicker and can also contain spinach to achieve a green colour.

Special features: This lasagne is often prepared with a filling of meat ragout, ricotta and local cheese and layered on top of each other. Istrian lasagne is characterised by its strong flavours and the use of fresh, local produce.

6. Ravioli Istriani

Ravioli are filled pasta, which also have a firm place in Istrian cuisine. The fillings can vary depending on the region and season, but are often based on ricotta, spinach or meat.

Typical fillings and sauces: Istrian ravioli are often prepared with a filling of cheese and herbs and served in a light butter or tomato sauce. A special delicacy is ravioli filled with local truffles, which perfectly reflect the diversity of flavours in Istria.

7. Šurlice

Šurlice are long, tubular pasta that are traditionally prepared on the island of Krk and in parts of Istria. The dough is rolled around wooden sticks to give it its characteristic shape.

Serving suggestions: This pasta is ideal for thicker sauces, such as lamb ragout or mushroom sauces, as its shape absorbs the sauce well. In some regions, they are also popular with fish dishes.

Our summary

The diversity of local pasta varieties in Istria is an impressive testimony to the rich culinary traditions of this region. Each type of pasta, whether fuži, pljukanci or Šurlice, tells its own story and offers unique flavour experiences. For pasta lovers, Istria is a true paradise to be discovered – whether by travelling to this beautiful region or by cooking the traditional recipes at home