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What you need for a sailing trip

The ultimate packing list for your sailing trip

These things should not be missing
A sailing trip is an exciting adventure on the water. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or embarking on your first trip on the high seas, the right preparation is the key to a successful trip. To make sure you’re fully equipped, we’ve put together a comprehensive packing list. Here are the most important things you should definitely have with you for your sailing trip.

1. Important documents and ID cards

  • Identity card or passport: Indispensable, especially if you are travelling in international waters
  • Sailing licence and licence: Necessary if you are steering the boat yourself.
  • Insurance documents: Including travel and health insurance.
  • Boat papers: If you have chartered the boat yourself.
  • Emergency contacts: A list of important telephone numbers

2. Clothing and shoes

  • Weatherproof clothing: a windproof and waterproof jacket and trousers are essential
  • Multi-layered clothing: layers are ideal for adapting to changing temperatures
  • Sun hat and sunglasses: for protection from intense sunlight
  • Non-slip shoes: Special boat shoes or sandals with a good sole provide a secure grip on the deck
  • Gloves: Sailing gloves protect your hands when handling ropes and sails
  • Swimwear: For relaxed moments while swimming or sunbathing

3. Equipment and accessories

  • Navigation equipment: charts, GPS and a compass are essential for safe navigation
  • Head torch or torch: For night-time activities or emergencies
  • Waterproof duffel bag: to protect your valuables and documents from water
  • Life jackets: Even if the boat is equipped, it can be an advantage to have your own well-fitting life jacket
  • Safety line: To secure yourself on the boat in rough conditions


If you charter with us, you will receive most of the equipment. Please ask us in advance what you should bring yourself.

4. Health and first aid

  • First aid kit: Fully equipped with bandages, painkillers and personalised medication
  • Travel first-aid kit: medication for seasickness, sunburn and minor injuries
  • Sunscreen: High sun protection factor to protect against sunburn
  • Disinfectant: For cleaning hands and small wounds

5. Electronics and entertainment

  • Waterproof camera: to capture the best moments of your sailing trip
  • Charging cable: For powering smartphones and other devices
  • Music and books: for relaxing hours on board
  • Tablet or e-reader: for entertainment and navigation
  • Games: For time together

6. Food and drinks

  • Long-life food: pasta, rice, tinned food and snacks for longer trips
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables: for a balanced diet
  • Water and drinks: Sufficient amounts of drinking water are essential

7. Other useful items

  • Multitool or pocket knife: Useful for minor repairs and many other tasks
  • Fishing and snorkelling equipment: for additional adventures and leisure activities
  • Line and hook: For additional securing and flexibility for various activities on board
  • Emergency kit: Contains signalling rockets, lifeline and other survival equipment

Here, too, you get a lot when you charter with us. Just ask for the things you want.

Our summary

Thorough preparation is the key to a successful and safe sailing trip. With this packing list, you are well equipped to master any challenge at sea. Don’t forget to adapt your packing list to the specific needs of your trip and enjoy your adventure on the water!