Feel the gentle breeze of the wind and hear the waves hit the bow. Breathe in the salty air on the west coast of Istria and let the sun warm up your heart. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Istrian nature by land and sea.
Turn every day into an event – with Vito Nautika!

SUP – Day rental

Let our SUP boards lead you to beautiful places!
Fun and relaxation guaranteed!  Find quiet beaches, you can only reach by water. Relax in the Croatian sun and do some fun sports activities.

Jetski day rental

Jetting over the crystal-clear water with up to 80km/h – who doesn’t want to try that? Ride in groups of two or three and plow through the waves or just cruise around and discover the southern tip of Istria.
VitoNautika makes it possible!


Book the ultimate experience now. Experience the sunset on the horizon on the west coast of Istria while enjoying a sip of your favorite drink.
Experience this unique spectacle of nature together with your friends.

Snorkeling – Tour

Hop aboard one of our sail-boats and dive directly into the fascinating world beneath the crystal-clear sea surface on the west coast of Istria.
Experience the unique, rich and colorful underwater world up close and personal. Discover vivid fish moving elegantly through the warm blue water. With a cool drink of your choice, you can relax and enjoy the return journey during the golden hour.

Dolphin – Watching

Experience these unique, elegant creatures as they glide through the blue
water as fast as an arrow.
Let yourself be enchanted by the dynamics and effortlessness of these
animals and feel your connection with nature!

Day Cruising – Deep-sea fishing

You love to go fishing early in the morning or late in the evening, enjoying complete silence?
Ride with us on the gentle sea and experience the meditative atmosphere and peace. Listen for the the gentle rush of the waves at the bow and feel the gentle rays of the rising or setting sun on your skin as you relax and let your fishing rod glide over the water.

multi-day tours


Croatian sailing license

You always wanted to be your own ship’s captain? Deep inside you slumber the longing for spontaneous tours without skipper or crew, only with your family?
No problem. We prepare you for the Croatian sailing exam so that you can soon hoist the sails and sail Istria yourself. Experienced skippers brief you with their many years of knowledge so that you can safely moor and set sail on a sailboat, among other sailing essentials.
Sailing yacht and sailing catamaran training is offered separately.

Skipper – Training

You are already a skipper, but want to train your techniques and your eye for detail?

Then broaden your knowledge while sailing one of our modern and well-maintained sailboats through the experience of our well-trained skippers!



Charter one of our sailboats now and strengthen the spirit of your team!

You and your team get to know each other better and communicate more efficiently. You will become like a sailboat in the water – glide silently through your challenges and learn how to optimize your workflows. A professional coach accompanies you as a skipper through this teambuilding event.


Abi- / Matura- / Year of graduation trip

You and your (soon) former classmates want to start THE final trip in Istria / Croatia?

Then come aboard!

You feel the salty breeze and feel the sunbeams on your skin. After your graduation, you party into the night and dance to your favorite beats as your sailboat glides silently through the water. Celebrate until the sun kisses the horizon. Party atmosphere, casualness and pure freedom!



As you let the yoga spirit flow through your body, you can listen to the gentle sound of the waves at the bow and the wind in the sails. You can discover your inner self completely new, while the sun is shining down onto your skin. Chill out to soft music mashups and the calming sound of the seagulls in the sky and the breathing of the boat which is gliding through the water.

Let your heart beat faster and come aboard for the ultimate yoga session with a professional yogi!


individual events

You have a deep wish, or a dream that you would like to fulfill?

You want to surprise your loved one with an exclusive holiday or celebrate a luxurious party at sea, where your favorite beats masquerade your ears and you can end the evening with the calming atmosphere of the sea and the company of good friends? Then crown your event with a top location: one of our sailing boats!