Yachtcharter in Australia

A very special experience is the landscape of Australia. In it, one finds the most diverse facets. From eucaliptus forests to the red desert landscape, everything is present on land and in the water. Sail past various coral reefs and enjoy the wonderful blue water on the high seas.

Best time to visit

all year round

Languages spoken

Australian english


Australian Dollar


the Whitehaven Beach; the Blue Mountains

Facts about Australia

Sailing in Australia represents for many sailing guests the highlight of their entire trip. This is certainly understandable, as the conditions for a successful sailing trip down under could hardly be better. From optimal climatic conditions to varied programs and the most diverse dream locations, the 5th continent has something to offer for every taste.
Yachtcharter Australia Coast

Weather in Australia

Due to its sheer size, the 5th continent is crisscrossed by the most diverse climate zones. The best thing with these different sailing areas is a conversation where we talk about the different possibilities for a sailing charter.