Interesting facts about sailing, Croatia and much more!

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Stone quarries near Pula

The quarries of Pula A contemporary witness to history The city of Pula, known for its ancient amphitheatre and its

The fascination of sailing

The fascination of sailing Why sailing is so special Sailing is more than just a sport or a leisure activity

Vegetarian dishes in Croatia

Vegetarian dishes in Croatia A journey of discovery through Mediterranean cuisine Croatia, known for its breathtaking Adriatic coastline and historic

Typical desserts in Istria

Typical desserts and sweets from Istria A culinary journey Istria, the beautiful peninsula in north-west Croatia, is not only known

What to do in case of seasickness

Seasickness Prevention and alleviation Seasickness, also known as kinetosis, is a form of motion sickness caused by the repetitive motion

Folding propeller or rotating propeller

Difference between a rotary propeller and a folding propeller on a boat Why rotary propellers are better than fixed propellers

Istrian dishes

Local dishes in Croatia A culinary journey of discovery Istria, the largest peninsula in the northern Adriatic, is known not

Winds in Croatia

The winds in Croatia Our short guide Croatia, known for its picturesque Adriatic coastline and countless islands, is not only

The best time to visit Croatia

The best times to travel Nobody can guarantee good weather, but if you plan your trip correctly, you have a

Vaccinations for your Croatia holiday

Which vaccinations do I need for my holiday in Croatia? To ensure that your trip is carefree and safe, it