Yachtcharter in the Caribbean

Best time to visit

November – April with constant winds and many hours of sunshine

Languages spoken

Spanish, French or English depending on the country


Depending on the country you are heading to. The US dollar is widely accepted.


Bahamas: Turquoise water and short distances
Cuba: A lot of nature and colonial remains
Belize Barrier Reef: Largest reef in the Western Hemisphere with untouched islands

Sailing tips for the Caribbean

Coral reefs

Check your depth sounder regularly and follow the indications from the port manuals.


Please reserve your berth in advance, as the marinas are quickly booked up during the winter season.

Fresh water

Some of the small islands have no fresh water supply.Please provide yourself with enough cold drinks.

Yachtcharter Caribbean cocktail

Facts about the Caribbean

High volcanic islands with evergreen rainforests, flat coral islands, long white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, turquoise water, colorful wooden houses in confectioner style and the special joie de vivre of the locals – the Caribbean is one of the most charming destinations of all. Sailors appreciate the steady trade winds during the hurricane-free period from December to May. There is hardly a sailing area with such reliable wind conditions.

Weather in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, the year is divided into a dry period and a rainy period. Therefore, the best time for your sailing vacation is from winter to early spring, with constant blowing trade winds and the most hours of sunshine per day.

What you should definitely try

  • Try original Caribbean rum
  • Discover a “Bounty Beach” of your own
  • Visit the “Classic Sailing Boats” Festival, the “Heineken” – St. Martin Regatta or the Antigua Race Week
  • Enjoy the local specialties with a cool “Carib” beer