Yachtcharter in France

Enjoy the unique coastal landscape and the wonderful nature on land. Due to the variety of moorings along the coast, you can easily stop whenever and wherever you want to see one of the sights.To visit these places on land, you will find suitable moorings in numerous marinas. So nothing stands in your way to enjoy your time in one of the most beautiful countries.

Best time to visit

June – September

Languages spoken





the enchanted Monts d’Arrée

forests of Huelgoat and Paimpont (Arthurian forests)

the Nantes-Brest canal

old castles, old stone houses, manor houses in Brittany France

Facts about France

With almost 5000 kilometers of coastline and countless inland lakes, France offers sailing areas for every level and every type of boat. The French marinas mostly have first-class infrastructure. One should take into account that the harbors in the north and west, which are subject to strong tides
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Weather in France

In the sailing areas of the French Mediterranean, the fantastic panorama of the hinterland alone is appealing. The Mediterranean temperatures do the rest. However, this comes at the price of fairly rapid successive phases of calm and strong winds (such as the mistral), which do not exactly make sailing easier.

Special notes

Depending on the cruising area, you will also have to deal with the sometimes very heavy commercial shipping. Here, many traffic separation areas (TSS) with the large and fast ships require special attention of the skipper and the entire charter crew.