Yachtcharter in Greece

Greece is the country of four seas – the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Cretan Sea as well as the Mediterranean Sea. The total length of the Greek coast is about 16 000 kilometers; half of it is the coast along the thousand islands. The coast is very clean, with crystal clear sea water. Most of the coast is freely accessible to all sailing and charter guests, offering a unique opportunity to explore nature without the crowds typical of other sailing areas.

Best time to visit

May – October

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The conditions for sailing in Greece are as diverse as the places themselves. The Ionian Islands offer calm seas and light winds. Write us, we will find the suitable charter area for you.

Interesting facts about Greece

Sailing in Greece is one of the most exciting opportunities you will ever get.A massive 15,000 kilometers of coastline, makes it the perfect country for chartering a yacht. There are many varied and contrasting islands to explore: Ionians, Cyclades, Saronic, Sporades, Dodecanese, Eastern Aegean and Crete.
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Weather in Greece

Cyclades – The north wind Meltemi makes the sailing conditions very sporty. This wind can even reach the intensity of a storm, especially when cape or jet effects. If you prefer calm sailing, you have the opportunity during the long season in spring and autumn.

Sporades – Meltemi is quite weak here, the sea is calm. The main wind direction in this area is north. In the summer months Meltemi blows from northeast to northwest, but is not as strong as in the southern Aegean. In July and August it is better to anchor in bays and places protected from the north wind.

Ionian Islands – The climate is typically Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and mild winters. The main sailing season lasts from April to October. The Ionian Sea with the Gulf of Corinth belongs to the areas with very weak winds. The prevailing wind direction is north-west (May to September).