Yachtcharter in Portugal

If you want to go on a challenging yacht charter trip, you should start your trip at the west coast of Portugal. If you want to take it easy, then the south coast is the right sailing area for you. The good flight connections to Portugal allow you to reach both coasts stress-free.

Best time to visit

June – September

Languages spoken

Portuguese, Spanish




Be sure to enjoy a bottle of port wine on board

The West Coast

The west coast of Portugal stretches from Lisbon to Porto. There, the sometimes strong north wind “Nortada” prevails, which causes high waves over the Atlantic, especially from April to October. This area is therefore especially suitable for sport sailing. Also, because of the strong swell, not all marinas are always open.
Yachtcharter Portugal cliffs

Facts about Portugal

Many marinas in Portugal are located in river mouths. With a tidal range of 3-4 meters, strong currents develop there, so that tide planning is sometimes indispensable when entering and leaving. Another side effect of the estuaries is the plague of mosquitoes. It is present everywhere, the bloodsuckers are particularly numerous and intrusive in Figueira da Foz.

Weather in Portugal

In the summer months, the Azores High often reaches as far as the Iberian Peninsula. At the Portuguese Atlantic coast, a stable northerly wind current then sets in. In addition, there are sometimes strong thermal winds. They blow on the west coast in the late afternoon from the north with up to 7 wind forces, on the Algarve from the NW with the same force.

South Coast - Algarve

Protected by the coast, from the north wind “Nortada”, the Algarve has a much calmer sea state. This is easily comparable with the Mediterranean.
Along the Algarve there are numerous modern and large marinas, which are located in easily accessible stages from each other.