Yachtcharter in the Seychelles

Once it was ancient Phoenician traders who first sailed around the islands of the Seychelles in the 9th century, they were followed by adventurers, explorers and merchants and especially pirates. Today it is the modern sailing yachts that cruise in front of the islands, but the Seychelles have never lost their unique fascination for all those who love sailing. There are many ingenious trips, whether you sail around the Outer or Inner Islands.

Best time to visit

all year round

Languages spoken

Seychelles Creole, French and English


Seychelles Rupee


Be sure to explore the fauna and flora of the islands.

Facts about the Seychelles

Not only the Inner Islands are a great sailing area, also the Outer Islands should be visited on a sailing trip. If you sail from Mahé in a southwesterly direction, you will come to the Amirantes, a group of islands in the Outer Islands. The coral islands are like a string of pearls in the Indian Ocean, and since almost every island is only four hours sailing time away from the next, you should definitely visit the most beautiful islands like Marie-Louise and Desnoeuf, Desroches, or d’Arros and also the St. Joseph Atoll.
Yachtcharter Seychelles beach sunset

Weather in the Seychellen

The northwest monsoon brings warmer weather from November to March, the sea is very calm and there are average wind speeds of 15 to 22 km per hour. This time is especially good for snorkeling and diving, as visibility underwater is up to 30 meters. The southeast monsoon, from May to October, brings a more pleasant and drier weather, a more agitated sea, but much stronger winds, with a speed of 19 to 37 km/h. This period is good for sailing.

Sailing at Mahé

Countless beaches, 44 nautical miles of coastline, great anchorages, many secluded bays – all this awaits sailors when they cruise off the largest Seychelles island Mahé. Beau Vallon, Port Launay, Anse à la Mouche or Anse Royale are the names of the bays that make the heart of every charter guest beat faster. But also the small, somewhat hidden bays such as Anse Major, Anse Du Rize or Petit Anse are always worth a cruise.