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Discover the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. We give you tips for your sailing vacation on the most beautiful coasts worldwide.

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Sailing in Spain

The coast is rich in beautiful beaches, 450 beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag. So sailing is the best way to explore this beautiful country, especially when combined with historical tours and other activities.

Yachtcharter Italien Titelbild

Sailing in Italy

We all think we know Italy, but a sailing vacation in Italy opens a completely new impression of what this wonderful country has to offer. A bareboat charter is the best and most comfortable way to enjoy this beautiful country.

Yachtcharter Griechenland Kirche

Sailing in Greece

With its clean waters, great anchorages and ancient historical sites, you will find Greece to be a magical land. Sailing among the Greek islands will give you a very special sailing vacation.

Yachtcharter Karibik Cocktail

Sailing in the Caribbean

With its clean waters, great anchorages and ancient historical sites, you will find Greece to be a magical land. Sailing among the Greek islands will give you a very special sailing vacation.

Yachtcharter Österreich Stadt am Wasser

Sailing in Austria

Not only that Austria with its lakes is perfect for beginners. No, also for all experienced sailors, the lakes of Austria offer a relaxing but also interesting environment. A trip to Austria is worth it all.

Yachtcharter Deutschland Hohenschwangau

Sailing in Germany

At the North Sea you can still explore many unknown beauties. If you want to spend several days on the water, a trip to Stockholm or Helsinki is a good idea. And…also Lake Constance has its sailing charms.

Yachtcharter Niederlande Titelbild

Sailing in the Netherlands

Do you want to sail the Atlantic or explore the North Sea or both? Then the Netherlands is the perfect place for you. With pleasant temperatures around 22 °C, exploring the surrounding islands is especially fun.

Yachtcharter Seychellen Strand

Sailing in the Seychelles

Discover paradise on earth – the beautiful island nation located between Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius, and experience an unforgettable yacht charter trip that will captivate you and your crew for years to come. Sailing is possible all year round.

Yachtcharter Australien Titelbild

Sailing in Australia

A sailing tour along the endless coast of Australia is a special experience for every yachting enthusiast. From aboard a sailing vessel, you can enjoy magnificent views of the continent’s beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery.

Yachtcharter Großbritannien Titelbild

Sailing in Great Britain

Great Britain’s sailing areas offer you a unique combination of nature, culture and active sailing. No wonder that England is very popular as a sailing destination, here romantic past and cool modernity meet.

Yachtcharter Frankreich Stadt

Sailing in France

France the land of love and for you, your country for the perfect sailing vacation. Beautiful weather and high temperatures are almost guaranteed in the summer. At the same time, the world-famous cuisine and especially the wonderful wine will entice you.

Yachtcharter Portugal Klippen

Sailing in Portugal

If you want to go on a challenging yacht charter trip, you should start your trip at the west coast of Portugal. If you want to take it easy, then the south coast is the right sailing area for you.

Yachtcharter Norwegen Haus am Fluss

Sailing in Norway

Sailing in Norway is not for everyone. Especially cold-sensitive people who like to go swimming will not be happy there even in midsummer. During this time, the average water temperature is about 20 °C. Those who don’t mind this should definitely visit the many different fjords.

Yachtcharter Neuseeland Titelbild

Sailing in New Zealand

New Zealand is actually better known for its lush, green vegetation and high mountains in the south. However, on the northern of the two major islands, the country also offers excellent sailing opportunities that compensate charter crews for their efforts.

Yachtcharter Türkei Sonnenuntergang

Sailing in Turkey

The beautiful landscape of Turkey with its dreamy bays, islands and cultural sites is a paradise for sailors. The turquoise waters invite you to swim and relax and offer families with children optimal conditions and wonderful relaxation.